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Kansai Region

 After the Tokyo metropolitan region, Kansai is the next key liaison between Japan and the world.
 Along with Kobe, it includes Kyoto, Osaka and other cities, making the Kansai region alone an extremely large market. Moreover, its central location gives it excellent access to other regions in Japan. In addition, due to its concentration of outstanding universities and research institutions, cooperation between industry and academia is flourishing in this region, enabling it to produce many Nobel Prize laureates. With numerous international conference centers, Kansai is one of the leading regions in Asia to host international conferences.

 The Kansai region is located in the center of Japan, and it has an extremely large market with a GRP (Gross Rating Point) of around 763.2 billion dollars and a population of 21.62 million people. On the economic scale, it is comparable to Turkey, which ranks in 19th place across the world.
(From Welcome to Kansai! 2018)

  Kansai Domestic share
Area(As of 2017) 31,542km2 8.3%
Population(As of 2017) 21,617,000 16.9%
GRP、GDP(As of 2014) USD $763 billion 16.3%

Cost Performance

 Compared to Tokyo, office rental rates are relatively low in the Kansai region, and the cost performance in Kobe is particularly good.