With its comprehensive land, sea and air transportation networks, Kobe is a business center that draws many people not only from within Japan, but also from overseas. With a concentration of medical-related industries and academic research institutions, a wide range of research and development projects are conducted here, and the city has everything necessary to open new roads into the future.

Medical Industry

 The City of Kobe is promoting the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster, which seeks to concentrate various medical-related industries in one place. Currently, over 370 businesses and organizations have established new facilities in the cluster, engaging in numerous pioneering efforts. These include joint research and development among universities, research organizations, hospitals, and businesses; business matching events; commercialization support; and networking gatherings.
 Moreover, the cluster boasts a cutting-edge research environment that has led to many accomplishments, such as the first surgeries in the world using iPS cells, and in-silico drug discovery efforts using the supercomputer.

Manufacturing Industry

 Heavy industries such as shipbuilding and steel manufacturing have driven Kobe’s economy since the prewar period and thus, machinery and other supporting industries have also seen impressive development. In addition, the proximity of the port also contributed to the growth of food, rubber, and other manufacturing industries. Furthermore, because the Port of Kobe is a key domestic port with excellent access to the entire country, including the major shipbuilding region around the Seto Inland Sea, it has grown to become a crucial port industry hub with numerous shipping-related companies.

IT Industry

 Kobe City is engaged in various cutting-edge initiatives that transcend the boundaries of local government to become an innovative city by attracting startups with such projects as programs to foster entrepreneurs held in Japan and overseas as well as collaboration between the governmental sector and startups to resolve challenges. In addition, the establishment of the Global Innovation Center by UNOPS aimed at problem solving for SDGs will be a gateway to the United Nations Procurement.

New Energy Industry

 Hydrogen is expected to become an important energy source in the future, and therefore the Japanese government has designated the establishment of hydrogen society as one of its goals in the field of renewable energy.
 In cooperation with a number of major companies working in the energy field, the City of Kobe is promoting a technological verification project that aims to establish a hydrogen supply chain and construct a testing facility on Kobe Airport Island, thus receiving a lot of attention from everyone working in the hydrogen industry.

Airspace Industry

 Thanks to the various world-renowned aircraft-related companies located within the city, Kobe is one of the leading airspace industry hubs in Japan. Kobe Airport and the neighboring industrial parks boast great infrastructure, making the area very appealing both to major enterprises and numerous companies that possess the cutting-edge technology required to manufacture aircraft parts.

Fashion Industry

 In Kobe, the lifestyle and culture industries that deal with clothing, food, housing and entertainment are collectively referred to as the fashion industry. These industries took root as Kobe was developing into an international trade port and became widely recognized as the Kobe brand, playing a major role in the development of our city.


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