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Already home to global corporations

More than 200foreign-affiliated companies have located their headquarters or business establishments to Kobe (according to City of Kobe figures). Among these are many global enterprises such as Nestle and Procter and Gamble. To learn from these successful enterprises, many other foreign-affiliated companies choose Kobe when establishing their business. There are many examples of Kobe being one of the best cities in Japan in which to smoothly establish a business.

Highly evaluated by global enterprises

Those that locate their headquarters or business establishments to Kobe are from many different countries such as China, the U.S.A, Switzerland, France and Germany. Why have they chosen Kobe? Here is a partial list of reasons.
“ The center of business does not have to be in Tokyo. Because Kobe is a comfortable city, our employees really enjoy living here.”


“ With convenient access and high level of public security, we enjoy the advantages of both urban life and nature here. The educational environment for our children is also excellent.”


“ Life sciences in Japan are quite advanced with a high quality of research coming out of research institutions. I have great expectations for the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project.”

Eli Lilly

Relations between Kobe and foreign-affiliated companies began in earnest in1868 when the Port of Kobe was opened. The spirit of welcoming globally active enterprises has a long established past with the citizens of Kobe so the groundwork has already been laid for foreign-affiliated companies to easily locate here.

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