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 Since the opening of the Port of Kobe to international trade in 1868, many people from all over the world have moved to Kobe and called this city home. During its long history since then, lifestyles and cultures from different countries have fully steeped into the city, and it has developed an environment that is easy for people from around the world to live in.
 Kobe is blessed with the natural bounty of both the sea and the mountains, and it is a very livable city. Boasting an extensive transportation network and its key role as part of the large market of the Kansai region, Kobe is an excellent location for business.

Five reasons why Kobe is an excellent business destination

Comfortable living environment for foreign nationals

Thanks to Kobe’s many international schools and communities, it is an ideal city to live in for those with an international background.

Attractive location

Kobe boasts an extensive transportation network with many land, sea, and air routes, offering great business and lifestyle mobility.

Leading-edge projects

The city is working on many cutting-edge projects, revolving around the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster and supercomputers.

Substantial incentives and support systems

We offer substantial support to companies that want to work in our city, providing assistance with initial establishment of business, as well as operational costs.

Expansion of global companies

More and more global companies from across the world are coming to Kobe, greatly expanding business opportunities in the city.


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